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Printing Services

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Design Services

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Copying Services

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Copying Services

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$ 30
per month
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$ 90
per month
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Question And Answer

Online printing allows you to place your order from your computer or mobile while sitting at home or in the office. Plus, you can check product prices anywhere online. Your order will be delivered to your home through online order. You also get rid of the hassle of cash payments, as you can send money from your mobile phone to the printing company's account.
Every job is different. Some jobs can be produced in minutes while some may take several days to complete. Let us know when you need your job completed and we'll let you know if it can be done. We go to great lengths to meet even your most demanding timelines.
The technology of design, layout and printing has come a long way to the point where much of the work is done in a WSYWIG (What You See Is What You Get) digital environment. However, there are sometimes noticeable differences in color calibration and spatial conformity from monitor to monitor and consequently from screen to print. A proof is a one-off copy of your printed document used for visual inspection to ensure that the layout and colors of your document are exactly how they are intended to be. A proof is made prior to sending the document to the press for final printing. Typically, we will produce a proof that will be sent to you online in PDF format or on printed paper, which can be either viewed in our store or delivered to you in person. For multiple-color jobs, we can produce a proof on our output device to show you how the different colors will appear on the final product.
Your approval on the final proof is the best assurance you have that every aspect of our work and your own is correct, and that everything reads and appears the way you intended. Mistakes can and sometimes do happen. It benefits everyone if errors are caught in the proofing process rather than after the job is completed and delivered.
No. White is not generally considered a printing color as typically the paper itself will be white. If a colored paper (something other than white) is chosen, then white becomes a printing color if any text or graphics require it.
Below are payment methods through which you can make us the payment for your online order. 1: Bank Transfer 2: Jazz Cash 3: Easy Paisa 4: Paypal/Payoneer (International customers)
100% advance payment is mandatory in order to start the printing process.
If the online order is from a reputable, long-serving and regularly government approved company then your order is in safe hands, otherwise you need to be very careful.
You should keep a record of all correspondence until the order is delivered, so that you can claim 100% refund if the order does not meet the standard or in case of any error.
Sorry but meanwhile , we are not offering cash on delivery service, however you can place your order against 50% advance payment.


To continue the practice founded in 1996 by providing the quality expected by our customers – supported by incomparable graphic desiging, printing, exceedingly trained staff, effective management and a genuine commitment to customer care and the environment.

Provide the highest quality products with time-sensitive worldwide delivery, while giving customers the lowest cost per item.

UMAR SALEEM PRINTING PRESS claims that ordering & buying experience of customers with us is superlatively convenient, enjoyable and rewarding. Our concentration is and always has been Quality with Value. We are providing equal and no compromise on quality service to the smallest and largest companies nationwide as well as worldwide with a feel that everyone has the right to grow in business which will someday become a pride for him as a brand. In simple manners, we Shape your dreams and we make your dreams come true.

Your printed material from UMAR SALEEM PRINTING PRESS speaks about the quality, look and compatibility with your valued products. It boosts your economy by giving standard to your products at national as well as in international level in markets.

A beautiful dress may look beautiful on a hanger, but that means nothing. Same your product is very worthy but without an impressive printed packing and advertising it is incomplete to make place in the market.


We are committed to provide highest quality products & services to meet needs and expectations of our valued customers.

We are committed to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and certification tests required by customers.

We have international standard training program for our staff making them capable to communicate with customers in a professional manner and to carry out their work hassle free.

We believe “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.

Our center of target at work is.

  • Customer Focus.
  • Engagement of People.
  • Process approach.
  • Evidence-based Decision Making.
  • Relationship Management.
  • No compromise on Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction


It is at all times the intention of the Board of Directors to pursue and maintain a policy to promote health and safety at work and to encourage the full co-operation of all employees for that purpose.

The company will provide working conditions which comply with the relevant statutory requirements and officially approved codes of practice designed to ensure good standards of health and safety. Particular regard will be paid to:

Providing information, instruction and supervision to enable all employees to contribute positively to their own health and safety at work. Electrical equipment and systems of work to ensure they are safe and do not endanger health.

Providing safe arrangements for the storage and handling and movement of materials and substances.

Providing welfare facilities and benefits as far as is reasonably practicable and providing safes means of access to and egress from places of work which are under the company’s control.

Although the company operates in an industry that is of low risk, injuries and illnesses can happen in any environment and it is the Board of Directors objective to reduce the incidence of these to an absolute minimum, not merely in keeping with, but surpassing, the best experience in other similar organizations.


Our production facilities include state of the art computer programmed setup, advanced software programs , dedicated , passionate and professional graphic designing and the most important state of the art offset Printing, digital printing, Dye cutting, Laminating and other high quality high performance  machinery.


We are for you a one stop printing solution partners. We are not only printing but are handling your products, until received to you at your door step. The prices for express shipping as well as shipping by other means are amazing with us.


We use best of our efforts and experience reducing costs in material, consumables as well as in other possible factors make it possible to quote a very good price, which we can guarantee, you will never find in market.


With us you will enjoy all of the graphic designing, printing, delivery, assembling, installation, and advertising services under one roof.